Alice’s unique Reiki Meditations are loved by 1000s of people from her Unstressable membership community to private clients. 


She has guided large groups in live reiki visualisations to see incredible results for pain, stress, emotional release, inner connection and much more.


Her unique reiki meditation method can be used as guided meditations at home to help people to relax more easily and meditate more effortlessly – whilst purposefully being designed to release the stress from your body.


Meditate with Alice’s method and her calming voice to get back to balance and release the stress in your system.

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Visualisation Meditation Bundle 

7 Day set of reiki visualisations to truly connect you to what you want and who you truly are

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Emotional Rebalance Meditation Bundle 

7 Day set of reiki visualisation meditations to rebalance your emotions and release your stress so you feel calm and centred once more

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Once you have purchased your set of meditations you will be sent an e-mail where you can download the meditations to save on your phone or computer and use them as and when you wish.

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